Mother Jones is raising $500,000 to do their own investigation of Trump Russia ties

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Going to be long, long nights…


Mother Jones is raising $500,000 to do their own investigation of Trump Russia ties

I’d do it for 5 bucks.


But not successfully, and this is important. This may be even more important than Obama’s success with small donors, if it works.


Any serious investigation must, must, must include getting our hands onTrump’s FULL tax returns. Achieving that would provide a million volt jump-start to any investigation, since everything about Trump is about money: Who has partnered with him; where he gets his money from and how he gets it; where his money is banked; where/who his money has gone too, etc. Could Mother Jones do that? Can anybody? How do you force Trump to give up his returns when there is no law that would compel him? My feeling is that only a leak will get us there.


So here’s my question–how much can a private investigation uncover–and more Importantly, will it be actionable?

I would be very happy to contribute money if this is of value beyond headlines. Because as someone above said, we will not see any action from Republicans due to their sheer corruption and party ‘values’ (Repub party values = paradoxical fallacy’ after all can troglodytes have values other than “kill, eat, hate…(maybe) f*ck.”)


Donations? Really?

I hope every decent news organization out there is investigating this vigorously.


More of this, please: STAT.


I think the real ‘russia connection’ is the banks in Cyprus that launder R money (republican, russian, who can tell the difference any more comrades? amirite?)

Interesting that suddenly Trump’s lawyers roll out a campaign of ‘for the last X- something something years Mr Trump has taken just a smidgen of clearly Russian money, a jot, a tittle, a modicum, an iota to be sure.’ Squirrel!


Is there somewhere to see the progress of how much this campaign has raised?

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I have been meaning to contribute something to Mother Jones anyway this year, they have been doing really good journalism on Trump for the past year.

If they are crowd-funding, shouldn’t the page you link to indicate how close they are to the funding kick-off? I would be more inclined to support if I saw they were near critical mass. This is crowd-funding 101.

Also, if they are serious about this, why is there no mention on the front page? If this is a priority, why are they not making it a priority?

Top one looks like a scalp massager. Visualization of Trump connections = not a soothing, tingly, stress reducing good time.


Unfortunately, whatever Trump’s personal level of incompetence there is a good chance that his lawyers – and those of his investors – are well acquainted with shell corporations, overseas “investments,” and other mechanisms to launder money. These things aren’t going to show on a tax return.

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Yes, I know. Hence the ‘jump-start’. You have to start somewhere, and the tax return (most easily accessible re $$) should provide some starting point to work from.

Don’t bother. trump will let all the pieces slip sooner or later. He can’t help himself.

Meanwhile, at The Nation

(OK, OK, Cohen only writes for the nation, and the magazine’s top story is…



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