Mother renames her son to match her misspelled tattoo of his original name


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I bet he’s a really cool kid too.


They changed Kevin’s name to Kelvin which they claim to prefer.

The parents displayed the Fahrenheit of decency.


"Johanna Giselhäll Sandström of Kyrkhult, Sweden paid to have her arm tattooed with her two children’s names: Nova and Kelvin. Problem is, he accidentally inked her with “Kelvin.”

Little typo in the write up spoils it.


I have absolute zero respect for that decision.


Well, to some degree.


Fixed! Thanks!


Consistency matters.


Kelvin the choice of hipster “scientists” the world over.


TIL the name Kelvin is actually a thing, apparently peaking in the US in the 1950s.

Given how awesome Lord Kelvin was, I can see it. Better that than, say, Donald.

  1. How the hell do so many people/tattoo “artists” manage to fuck up spellings?

  2. Isn’t Sweden one of those countries you have to give approved names to your kid? Though considering there is a Lord Kelvin in science, I imagine it isn’t banned.


Be careful where you say the. Some people might to start to whine about him deserving a lordship.


Not that i know of but let me check

I guess they sort of do, but not really… it’s not like you’re implying (if i read it correctly). They will decline bad baby names but most names should be ok from the wording i’m seeing from wikipedia.


Came for all the inevitable temperature jokes/puns; leaving not disappointed.




I went to kindergarten with that tattooist. IIRC he wasn’t too sharp. I lost track of him after he was sent a grade back.


you beat me to it.


thank you for that.


When I was a teaching assistant I was Kevin (accurate), Kelvin, Calvin, Cabin, and a couple others


Of course some people will ask if he’s named after the JJ Abrams Star Trek movies. ie. The Kelvin Timeline.