Motion to remove Kevin McCarthy was found on baby diaper table in Capitol bathroom

Two things of note that merit possible inspection

One, the Resolution has metadata.

Two, the restroom can be identfied by looking at the fire escape floorplan


Gaetz, McCarthy, Feces… hard to tell the subjects apart.


While I agree that McCarthy should be removed and discarded for exactly the same reason as the diaper, there isn’t any member of the GOP remaining that isn’t equally as awful; and many are indeed worse.


“Pin your diapers on, Lebowski”


And they will be unable to decide on a successor. No one else is likely to be able to garner a majority vote. Gaetz of course knows this and does not care. The disruption would further the interests of the fascist wing.


Meanwhile regular everyday Feds and contractors have to go through countless trainings to ensure they follow proper document handling procedures for security and retention reasons. This kind of crap violates half a dozen really painfully obvious things in those trainings/laws they need to follow.

Outside the DC area, I don’t think people realize that this, the Maralago classified documents, literally anything involving Kushner, etc. are not business and usual and have very clear rules around them that everyone is aware of.

As much as we like to laugh, it’s a tough call how much this is people who are truly that incompetent, don’t care about the rules, or actively want everyone to know rules don’t apply to them.

All of those are depressing and terrifying at once.


No, only the freedom caucus faction that never grew up.


This was never a secret document. It is objectively good that this sort of thing was publicized before it was submitted as an actual bill-- published on, and placed on a public calendar. Now Matt Gaetz might have egg on his face, but who cares?

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Fair that it wasn’t secret (I used this in general as a wider point) and while I’m good with the outcome of this, I’m also concerned that if this happened with something sensitive to Gaetz even if it’s probably better that it got out… what else is he mishandling? I could be way off and this was intentionally put there as others are saying in order to soft leak it.

Also, until Gaetz, MTG, Boebert, etc. are gone from public life and the districts that elected them rebuilt to not be horribly gerrymandered… I’m not sure I’ll get excited news about that ilk that looks bad for a few minutes.

Quite a lot, we already know that.


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