Mr. Rogers vs The Incredible Hulk

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I love everything about this, from its leisurely pacing to using the Incredible Hulk show and acting to frame honest discussions about anger and about the difference between reality and make-believe. Bill Bixby obviously did some prep work for this but Fred Rogers just brought out the best in everyone he encountered.

Yesterday we were discussing the twisted and strictured view of masculinity promoted by the “influencers” of the manosphere. Mr. Rogers was a better man than any of them could hope to be


Wow, Bill Bixby and Fred Rogers, two of the nicest men to ever grace a sound stage! Niceness Overload!!! Mr. Ferrigno was also very gracious. Thank you for sharing this!


Ironically enough Fred Rogers was once exposed to the same form of Gamma radiation that turned Bruce Banner into the Incredible Hulk but it had no impact on his life whatsoever because Fred Rogers never allowed himself to get angry.


i laughed when Mr. Rogers (apparently!) ditched Mr. McFeely after their first meeting with Bill Bixby, haha – and by the way, shouldn’t Mr. McFeely be delivering the mail, not gallavanting around with Fred? people are waiting for their important mail, McFeely!

also, Lou Ferrigno was quite the hottie, just sayin.


You can never get enough Fred Rogers. I cannot explain how much of a privilege it is to be of the generation that grew up with him. He may have been the first children’s program we tended to outgrow (before going on to Sesame Street and The Electric Company) but his influence on our generation was so profound. I am not certain there is anything comparable these days. He was a good man, and his influence continues to shape the world for the better.



Now we have Rick Steves, the Mr. Rogers of international travel!


While it wasn’t a TV series, I’d put “Free to Be … You and Me” in with the other titles you mentioned. Also books like “Where Did I Come From?” and “Our Bodies Ourselves”. I don’t think any generation of Americans before or since was blessed with so many media figures willing to educate young people with such honesty and kindness.


That was his superpower…


I think the coolest thing for me is seeing that Lou is also a kind, gentle, and polite man. When I was 11, you didn’t have the common internet so it was difficult to find media that could demonstrate his personality outside of printed interviews or this episode of MRN.


I read the “weird” write up for this wonderful share at least 3 times before the other shoe dropped. Nicely done.

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