Multitool in a hair-clip

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An oldie, but it works…


Seems kinda big (obviously it needs to be).

Do barrettes normally come in such large sizes?

FYI (as I had to look this one up): that’s “trolley” meaning “shopping cart.” And this is apparently for those ones that take a quarter deposit until you return the cart - you just jam the multitool in there, instead.


Well, shucks. I was imagining myself joyriding up and down the hills of San Fransisco late at night.

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Well, you can ride down the hills in a shopping cart.

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Genius! I have to go pay up my health insurance now…

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Nice idea!

Yes. The one that’s my personal favourite at the moment is actually slightly larger. If you have thick and/or long hair, they need to be.

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The first time I went to the supermarket in Canada I offered to take someones cart in the parking lot and they asked for a quarter. I forget how that interaction played out, but I know I was thinking “Fuck off, you weirdo…”


Not only that, but from what I’ve seen of this elsewhere these are/were originally intended as a clip for Jewish men to use with their Kippah. Hence the name “Clippah”. It often requires a fairly large clip to keep one of those things in place. Interestingly enough despite these sorts of clips being popular with every woman in my life I only learned how useful they could be from some Jewish friends. The pictured trick of turning them into a little oil lamp in particular has come in handy camping and during storms.

Hasn’t this been pimped here before? And this looks like the sort of multitool that would be bent into uselessness the first time it encountered more than a trivial amount of torque.

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Now I know what to use if I’m attacked by a particularly sharp piece of fruit.

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Surely the kind of folk with multitools in their hair clips are the kind of folk who can rocket-propel a trolley?

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perfect, now the TSA is going to ban hair-clips

If It doesn’t open bottles of beer, it isn’t a real multitool.

Seriously though, this might be the first alleged multitool that doesn’t.


and of course, I’m now bald enough that the clips do nothing, so I’ve stopped using them, and rely on balance and friction. :smiley:

In Israel there’s a demographic group of modern orthodox jews, similar to those depicted in the Coen brother’s “A Serious Man”. they wear a relatively small knitted cap, and they’re nicknamed the knitted caps. They fix it to the hiar with these kind of hair-clip. over time they discovered and improvised many uses for the clip from peeling oranges to opening tin cans and screwing small screws as seen here.
so its nicknamed LeatherDos (Dos is the yiddish slur for a religious man) based on the leatherma multitool. :smile:

Sadly, “Hacky-Sac” is a registered trademark.

I knew a guy who used double stick tape of the sort used for toupees. Apparently the fashion tape ladies use to keep their boobs in check is a cheaper alternative, but standard double stick tape will sweat off in no time. He was bald by choice though.

Oh you can open beers with them. You need to have one of the larger ones (like this multitool version) but you open it up and place the gap of the larger “top” arm over the edge of the beer cap and torque. It doesn’t work great, especially with a flimsy clip, but it works. I’d put it right between bic lighter and kitchen tongs for effectiveness.