Musk manipulates Twitter to ensure the world sees his tweets at the top of their feed

You’re on his platform. There are alternatives.

I mean, you do you, but staying is a tacit endorsement, even if you’ve blocked him. :woman_shrugging:


At best it’s a tacit endorsement. If you’re not adblocking, you’re an MAU and putting money in his pocket.


Isn’t that what I said? :thinking:

It’s of course up to @BreezerSneezers to decide where to spend their time. But it is still endorsing him, and I don’t think people should be confused on that. Just like us spending time here is an endorsement of BB…


I was expanding what you said. It is definitely a tacit endorsement, the absolute best case is that’s all it is. They’re probably putting money in his pocket anyway, even without a direct payment.


Good thing I’m adblocking, then.


Got the blocking hitting the promoted tweets too?


None that I’ve either already tried or aren’t appealing to me.

His platform, perhaps, but his influence doesn’t reach me.

I don’t see it as an endorsement, tacit or otherwise. That’s like saying I support the Nazis because I drive a Volkswagen.

I use Twitter for my own purposes, with an adblocker, and have a healthy regime of blocking AE and his army of Muskcovites. I am neither proselytizing nor professing that all should be on Twitter.

But the nazis stopped controlling VW as a company when they lost the war… Musk is in control of Twitter right now. And he’s pretty much made his politics abundantly clear. :woman_shrugging:

Again, you do you.


I don’t see promoted tweets, plus, I’m always in the “Following” tab and not the “For You” tab.

You’re currently sitting in the Nazi bar, drinking the Nazi’s booze.
But you’re cool with that because you didn’t buy the drinks.


Seth Meyers Idk GIF by Late Night with Seth Meyers

Hence “tacit endorsement”…


Back when it was still “Latest”, there were still promoted tweets. Saw them for a while, but at some point either they changed or my adblocker did.

I honestly don’t know if it still counts in their metrics, since it might just be a cosmetic filter, I think they had a particular class, and that was just automatically on load.

Shortly after TFG account was unblocked, my account was deleted so I wouldn’t be in ANY metrics. Fuck that noise. Prior to that, it was just an inactive account from when he signed the contract.


Yes, he has. And I still don’t see how using Twitter in the way that I use it makes it an endorsement of AE or his views. If I’m not seeing his tweets, if I’m not seeing ads, if I’m not sending $8/month for a checkmark, or financially supporting it in everyway, where’s the harm?

I’m fairly certain you’re a straight white dude.

The asshat now has all your user data. You add +1 to his users. Every message and click of engagement justifies his moderation policies continuing the abuse of minorities and amplifying the voices that spread hate in the name of Capitalism.

“Where’s the harm?”

You fucking with me, right?


There is no way for any of us to avoid supporting evil business practices in our daily lives. None. We’re all complicit.

But we can still make choices about how our time and attention (and in some cases our dollars) supports corporations. Because despite you not paying money to twitter, and adblocking and whatnot, you are still giving your attention and time to twitter - which has economic consequences, even if it’s not coming out of your pocket directly. Twitter is being used for eliminationist politics aimed at trans people. It is being used to prop up authoritarians, and to platform nazis. The more of us that leave that platform for others that do not do that, the bigger the message sent that we do not support genocidal politics against trans folks, white supremacy, or misogyny.

That is what is being sold. Social media does not make money off of ad revenue, but off of selling our data.

How social media makes its money has had extensive coverage on BB (among other places). I figured that this was well understood here…






Keep in mind the quote “If you’re not paying for the product, then you’re the product.” You have him blocked and you’re not paying for the service, good, but you’re also a Real Live Human that Twitter can feed to the advertisers, directly or indirectly.


And quite a lot of other websites and apps do that as well.

And? This isn’t about those sites.