My blood runs cold My memory has just been sold - Anti Fa as a Walmart brand

Along with those Che Guevara sweatshirts, made in developing world sweatshops, you can now buy “Anti Fa” merch at Walmart, complete with AC/DC - Harry Potter lightning bolt.
Tip: Wearing one of these to your local Socialist Revolutionary meetings would probably be a faux-pas. Or perhaps not. As Lenin said: “The Capitalists will sell us the rope with which we will hang them.”

Credit to Breitbart, where the Barties are in uproar.


I love the only review so far


Also, the font is just wrong.


For reals?!

On the other hand, it would really facilitate spotting infiltrated provocateurs.


It’s the exact same font as AC/DC shirts.

Wear it with khaki pants and a MAGA cap for that serious mixed-message.


Possible alternative explanations, with a little help from Wikipedia:

So much to choose from!

I’m still curious how much money Time Warner made selling all those officially licensed V for Vendetta Guy Fawkes masks to members of Anonymous.


On Breitbart, the comments are full of … stuff linking Walmart with George Soros.

Most of the family are Republican, and the rogues back Big Money right-of-center Democrats, so no.


Oh that is choice.
Dollars to donuts it is a marketplace shop using walmart as a web front end and walmart gets a cut of the profit.


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I bought my real Antifa t-shirt from an anarchist bookfair a few years ago

ETA: It was cheaper than what Walmart are asking for theirs too.



I agree, but what is the right font for Antifa? Something Art Nouveau? A nice bit of Böcklin?

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It looks like the various London Antifa groups use something that looks like Gill Sans, but it’s unlikely to be exactly that font as although Eric Gill was an antifascist he was also a paedophile who abused his daughters.

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I’m still thinking about that…
My font to fall back on when everything else fails is Courier New.
Could work when it looks like it was written on an old, worn typewriter and photocopied from a copy of a copy of a copy, maybe.

Speaking of 43 Group, some history for the lurkers:

From Mark Bray’s Antifa Handbook


Will all the Trump supporters now start boycotting Walmart? That would be amusing.


I’m not sure which made me laugh more.

walmart did a terrifyingly clever thing i’ve never been a good chess player but even i can see how that effectivly undercuts well that’s one way to make sure they don’t take you seriously. make the public point laugh’