My Sister Rosa: disquieting YA novel about loving an adorable psychopath

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Che Taylor is 17 and his little sister, Rosa, is 10 – and she’s a psychopath. His itinerant parents are relocating the family – again – to start (another) social enterprise, this one in New York, and Che knows that when the plane from Bangkok touches down, Rosa will resume her secret campaigns of psychological torture and ghastly cruelty, and that he’ll be the only one who can see through the cherubic, charismatic, ringleted facade to the monster underneath. If only he didn’t love her so much…


Anything to take our mind off

My President Trump: disquieting YA novel true life tale about loving surviving an adorable psychopath


Sorry, Cory, I’m going to be that guy:
That’s not how you spell “theme”:

“Another familiar Larbalestian theem, love, is[…]”

Fixed it for you.

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