Mysterious "Men In Black" spotted in Iowa


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Witnesses say one of them only looked like Alex Trebek.


Goodness knows, we certainly take it seriously around here. Don’t we guys?


Big deal, I saw Men In Black in 1997 at Loews, and since then I see them repeatedly on TV during baseball rain-outs.



Buying 2 black trench coats at a garage sale for 20 bux = Great deal
Using them to scare the crap outta people = Priceless


If they were really Men In Black, there wouldn’t be any reports.


Didn’t know that wearing a trench-coat in Iowa was illegal.

If you see something, say something!


I worked at a ski resort where the groundskeepers quietly owned a gorilla costume.
It was mostly used on the new seasonal employees, rather than terrorizing the vacationers.


Oh, those are just Monsanto Agents checking poison levels in the food chain, no need for worry.



Yeah, I’m gonna be that guy.

So, what are the chances it was just someone wearing a dark suit trying to find their way out of East Bumfuck, Iowa and back to where wearing a suit doesn’t seem strange?



Wearing a trench coat? Not unusual. Crossing the street? Not unusual.


Men in black, you say…



Reading the traditional “Men in Black” lore, the actual supposed first hand accounts, is fascinating. The stories were interpreted in UFO conspiracy circles to suggest that the “Men in Black” were some sort of alien beings, but to me it read exactly like some ignorant, rural hicks being confronted with the people I knew from grad school - that is, a bunch of gay/trans/metrosexual, multi-ethnic, multi-national, eccentric art students and professors. Which is why they’re described as wearing “odd” clothing that’s all black, having odd, even “foreign” accents, “strange” hairstyles, strange ways of speaking (using unfamiliar words), racially ambiguous, not adhering to mainstream, traditional, middle-American gender roles (men wearing make-up, etc.), and so on. From this, I put together this whole narrative about how some organization had actually gathered together a team of humanities academics to investigate UFO sightings that confounded small-town folks in the days before the internet…


Move along, citizen. Nothing to see here.


Goth kids just can’t catch a break.


I was going to say “I’d read that book!” but actually I think it might make a better podcast.


Grew up in upstate N.Y. and for several years we lived a few mile’s from what was then Stewart AFB.
One evening in 75 ( Summer break ) me along with a bunch of my friends were outside playing together ( Tag or something like it) Anyway, all of us seen some weirdness in the sky that night along with a few parents who quickly called the police and the AFB.

The next morning every kid was interviewed by 2 “Men in black” One was older and acted like he was in charge and a younger man who wrote everything down. Crew cuts and black suits.

Honestly, They struck me as Military. And my Dad who was in the Air Force during Korea said the same thing.
There were no threats, Just questions So whenever I see the Men in black as aliens or whatever I get a good laugh.