Mystery man found dead in wall of women's washroom


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Was his name Fortunato?


I can’t even. What a terrible way to go.


That’s taking stalking to a whole new level.


He died doing what he loved - spying on women in the bathroom.


Roger That! We’ll posthumous toast him at tonights Happy Hour, bank on it.


For the love of God, Montresor!


Here I lie, broken-hearted…



Total nightmare scenario.

Maybe. If he fell from the ventilation, it’s unclear that he even knew what he was near. Sometimes burglars end up in similar situations, or the mentally ill, or even just people who are just “urban spelunkers.”

I was trying to figure out if “Tim” didn’t speak English well, and thus was unfamiliar with the idiom, or was trolling. I’m leaning towards the second option.


I noticed that they are conspicuously not reporting whether or not the body still had a liver.



Nope. It was Pee Wee.


Jakers, that’s a long time ago. Took me a minute.



I think the lede has been buried. To my mind, the news here is that @SeamusBellamy used to manage mall cops?


As an aside, downtown Calgary is connected by a large network of skywalks. The Core is part of this, and is the venue for the movie waydowntown, in which a group of young office workers have a bet going to see who can last the longest without going outside.


My taxidermy career refused to take off. Seamus gotta eat.


Nobody knew what taxedermy was. ?


Darn Canadians, they ruin a perfectly good story with a blatant display of comnism!


That’s because I can’t spell when I’m off the clock.