NAACP sues Postmaster General Louis DeJoy to ensure postal mail delivery of 2020 election ballots

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The conspiracy junkie in me suspects that they’re dismantling the sorters to get more modernized “smart” sorters that can be hacked.

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OK - let’s schedule this hearing for February 15, 2021.

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Donating now.

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No, but it is a conspiracy to continue to undermine the USPS so it can be dismantled and sold to private corporations… and that’s not a theory, but a fact.


Even if this suit prevails, there don’t appear to be meaningful consequences due to a lack of enforcement mechanisms that exist outside the Executive branch. The senate would have to toss Moscow Mitch into the clink, then vote to impeach the current Post Master General…yeah, that’s not happening. So, states need to mail out the ballots as soon as legally possible, and voters need to take pains to avoid the USPS by taking their ballots directly to their appropriate clerk’s office.

Dumbest timeline ever is quickly pivoting to evilest timeline.


Lawsuits… and still…


A part of me wonders also whether the talk of postal banking had gotten a little too real for Trump’s chums in the loan sharking business.


the white house entity asserting an independent existence apart from trump is the office of management and budget.

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could be… anything that gives the working classes a boast so they don’t turn to predatory businesses that keeps them impoverished would be considered “bad” and “anti-American” by that lot.


It’s the Republican wet dream. Take everything good that the government does and try to sell it to the lowest private bidder. See also: social security, Medicare, public education.

ETA not limited to the “good” things either. See also: prisons, police, and military.


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