Naked drunk guy found in barn cavorting with hogs. Again. “I just like pigs,” he tells cops

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I hope the pigs were also charged with indecent exposure.


Hamm’s beer is the real comedy here.


The police report links are just the same jpg of the guy from the article.

First they came for the hog cavorters, and I did not speak out
Because I was not a hog cavorter…


Is it me, or does this guy look kinda like Mark Harmon?

Not…how…bacon…is…made. Also, this guy was obviously not cured.


Maybe the guy’s just a cinephile:

The most newsworthy part of this story is that they still brew Hamms.

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I will. Sure, being naked and drunk in the midst of pigs looks bad, but that’s all it is. We are essentially criminalizing dubious-seeming conduct on our own property, just because it looks bad. I’m not entirely comfortable with the sort of legal reasoning involved here.


Well, I mean, you don’t need a valid reason to press trespassing charges, other than someone was on your property uninvited.

But I definitely agree, he didn’t indecently expose himself to anyone until the cops came to stare at him with their squishy human eyeballs. Up until that point, there was nobody to be indecently exposed to, the charge should just be simple trespassing, which is what actually happened. This isn’t even public drinking, since a private barn on private property is in fact not public.


This brings to mind an interesting fact I learned recently; porcelain gets its name from the fact that it resembles the labia of pigs. True story.


Pigs look fun.
Rolling around naked in mud with pigs ( note, not “Pigs”) sounds completely enjoyable.


pigs stop man from drinking naked with pigs. recursion at 11. back to you bob.


Pigception! Get it? A cop arresting someone drunk on Hamm’s in a pigpen!

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This post & comments are the best & wittiest I’ve seen anywhere all week. Especially appreciate reference to Porcile, a brilliant but obscure film.

I came to disagree, having only recently read the name comes from porcellana, which was the 14-15th century Italian slang for cowrie shells. Then this.

I stand corrected.


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