Naked man breaks into house, swims in pool while owner is home, caught on camera

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Are bath salts still a thing? Because this makes it seem like bath salts are still a thing.


killed a couple of pet parakeets

F@cker, I hope he enjoys the gray bar hotel.


I don’t know, from what I’ve read, if bath salts were involved, he would’ve eaten the parakeets…?
This sucks all around, though. It sucks that this happened to the family, and that some people are going to make this into a rallying cry against the unhoused as in, “see how dangerous they are?!?”
And it sucks for my forehead, which now has 2 new furrows due to overwhelming “WTF” face from watching that.


Good to know that Eric Trump is adjusting so well to private life.


“lucky he didn’t break into our house” – Silly me, I thought the lesson was, “Oh, look, a dangerous person can break into your house, and no one has to die.”

Had to look up that “un-housed” is the PC term being used these days because “homeless” is somewhat a negative label - yet I’m sure folks along that nice street would chaff at the idea of themselves being termed “housed”.

But instead the intruder began climbing the stairs toward him.

If you’ve ever thought you were going to go your whole life without getting to kick someone right in the head…

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3 years, I hope. I hope they throw the cuttlefish bone at him.


But… nowhere in the US does the duty to retreat apply to someone in their own home


I’m aware.
I’m just pointing out that this guy jumped out of his window instead of killing the intruder. A perfect example of his duty to retreat.
But you think he should have attacked the guy?

In his case, he thought retreat was the better part of valor. It absolutely is a sound tactic, even if one doesn’t have a duty to do so.

Had the situation been different, where his wife or kids were potentially in harms way, I suspect he might have done something different. Stopping someone from coming up the stairs is defending yourself/family. Continuing to go up the stairs towards someone yelling at you to leave is the initial action of an attack.


If you are in the second floor of your home, it’s very possible you cannot retreat.


I agree completely.

Right. The video is literally a guy escaping from his second floor though.
I own several firearms, including a Glock 26 in a disguised, RFID opened safe at my bed. Having to use any of them in my home is absolute worst case scenario.

People glorify the fuck out of the castle doctrine.


People glorify the fuck out of the castle doctrine.

True, and that was not my intention. I simply read that the gentleman began coming up the stairs and thought “that guy is asking to get kicked in the head”.


Ha, fair enough.

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I’m really curious to know what kind of paperwork was necessary for him to do while breaking into a stranger’s home? Filling out a bogus land title so he can squat or something? Was he scribbling with parakeet blood?


I was wondering that too. Maybe a shopping list. Something to make his new house to really feel like a home. Or maybe it as a house warming party guest list.