Naked man oiled free from washing machine


What kind of hide and seek involves getting naked first? That sounds like fun.


Never once have I been naked and thought the best way to “have a bit of fun” would be to climb into a washing machine. All my life I’ve been doing it wrong.


The hardest part was cramming him into the dryer afterwards.


Sure, but getting him out was easy since they remembered to put him in a garment bag first.


This is why we need a law requiring that washing machine openings are too small for people to fit into. If we can put a man on the moon we can build a safe washing machine.

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One day, someone is going to have to call him “Dad”…but that yarn is kind of hard to believe…

Crap. I thought I got rid of that from Facebook.

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Thing is, he actually found the solution himself, turn the washing machine on it’s side. I wonder if half of the responders showed up for the novelty value??

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Is this one of those police reports where they note that “Alcohol was a factor?” I mean, the more I think about this the more I am like WTF???

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No, just the nekkid value…


He was on his way to the shower… but also playing hide and seek?

Or was it hide and streak?

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I’m curious as to why the story refers to the Herald Sun and then links to the BBC? Was it a case of realising how much of a stinking pile of shit the former “newspaper” was, and then updating the links to something more reputable?

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