NASA's Curiosity Mars Rover Views Spectacular Layered Rock Formations of “Murray Buttes”


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I expect to see Kirk and Spock chasing aliens though that canyon.

Vasquez Rocks


Did Nasa say when the rover will get a chance to see more buttes?


I have no idea the sense of scale here. These could be towering buttes that make Zion look like breadcrumbs, or they could be the size of breadcrumbs. I have no idea. Still amazing, though.


I see what you did there!


Somehow, now I can’t rid myself of the notion there’s someone out there named Murray Butts.


Or Bill and Ted and Evil Robot Bill and Evil Robot Ted. Same diff.



The Jawas are very well hidden.



Those Buttes need some lifting. Talk to Beschizza about that.
Butte-lifting jeans a success


Still a great song. And I’ve you’ve ever been to Bangkok, that’s a sight to behold. If you manage to survive the street crossings. Jesus.


There used to be a barbers down the road from us owned by a man called Mr Butt (a popular surname in India and Pakistan); it was called The Butt Hair Studio.


They’re obviously a safety hazard. Let’s send those folks there.


The space hoax keeps getting more sophisticated.



It’s a butte…

And right purty, too.


Gah - I just want to see a Martian crinoid stem or shell sticking out of a rock!