NASCAR driver says his ex-girlfriend is a trained assassin


I suppose that’s better than having an ex who killed people for fun.


I wonder if she ever palled around with Chuch Barris


Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.


Not sure why this would be relevant. After all, police officers have suffered from spousal abuse. The fact that this woman might be a trained field asset doesn’t negate the possibility that her NASCAR ex-boyfriend was an abusive piece of shit.


Umm… so stay the fuck away from her.

Ummm… “Keep your enemies even closer.”

I dunno, man, once folks sell out, the vibe’s just not there any more, you know? Look at Nirvana when the signed to Geffen. Same thing.

From Team Fortress 2 - Meet the sniper:
Sniper: [on the phone] Dad? Dad I’m- … y- … Not a crazed gunman, Dad, I’m an assassin! Well, the difference being one’s a job, and the other’s mental sickness!

[to audience] I’ll be honest with you— my parents… do not care for it.

You know it’s so crazy it just might be true…

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Would this fall under a tu quoque fallacy?
“You can’t prosecute me for beating my wife, she’s an assassin, she does bad stuff too!”

I’m pretty sure most of us figured out that kind of logic doesn’t fly before we were 8 years old.


Well, as long as Busch believes it…

From the article it sounds more like he’s saying that she thinks she’s an assassin, i.e. “she’s nuts.”

She probably eats a lot of hash brownies.

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