Nashville cop fired after participating in uniform in adult OnlyFans prank clip

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Huh, so that’s what it takes to get fired as a cop…
Our culture is so fucked. They can be filmed killing people, or beating demonstrators, but a consensual video like this is that one step too far?


Damn, that was fast.

As clutchlinkey said above, pretty ironic you can kill and beat people and get put on leave and maybe/maybe not fired. But do some softcore in uniform and they punt you right quick!


Sounds like they were most upset about his official badge being visible. Concerned about losing the respect of the community or some such. Same argument has been used to try to stop charges being brought against the orange twatwaffle. If he had ditched the badge, or used a fake from Amazon he might still have a job.
On the other hand, they might be concerned about people finding out just how prevalent such practices are.


“That was one of the most outrageous, disrespectful acts that a person here could do and, by disrespectful, I mean to all the MNPD employees and this agency,”

Interesting that this qualifies as more disrespectful than murdering innocent civilians.


Well sure; murdering innocent civilians or any of the other more harmful crimes police commit is just violence and power displays. This was sex. You see the difference, right? :angry:


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