Nazi arrested for taping razor blades to Salvation Army church handrail

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His wife couldn’t quite understand. Even though he was a super man, there wasn’t any food in the house.

I shouldn’t laugh, but sometimes I can’t help it.


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Pointing out a hipocrite’s hipocrisy does not mean you are a party to it.


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In the words of The Bard:

“Hoist with his own petard” is a phrase from a speech in William Shakespeare’s play Hamlet that has become proverbial. The phrase’s meaning is that a bomb-maker is blown off the ground by his own bomb, and indicates an ironic reversal or poetic justice.


@girard - no. It’s more like pointing out the hypocrisy of, say, republicans claiming to be the party of family values or “pro-life.” I don’t have to accept the concept they call “pro-life” to be able to point out that they actually don’t give a shit about the lives they pretend to care about.

Trying to get down to the gist of, what is it they really believe in or are getting at, is always worthwhile in my book. For me. Either for me to better understand, or (tbh, more common recently) I just want to make them admit it.


Can we please ease up on the differences in this schmuck’s mug shot?
…and try to find more similarities?


You’ve got that, almost literally, ass-backward.
Blond wie Hitler, schlank wie Göring, flink wie Goebbels, as the saying goes… I do not have to “accept at face value” a concept so obviously flawed in order to point out how bleeding obviously flawed it is. This is not even “making an argument” as such, this is simply pointing out facts.


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Assuming it was politically motivated, it would probably be tied to some of the less discussed parts of Nazi ideology, the idea of useless eaters and persecution of the asocial. Salvation army centers frequently serve the homeless and disabled. But even more likely in my book is that he is just an asshole. It is possible that this action was just a senseless push to do violence and wasn’t motivated by a cogent political thought, instead the Nazi thing and the attack on the church come from the same desire to hurt people.


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