Nazi blog style guide

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After reading those, my satire-o-meter broke. Thanks, Rob.

[Edit: Really, read this and then tell me you weren’t tempted to google a passage under the domain]

While racial slurs are allowed/recommended, not every reference to non-white should not be a slur and their use should be based on the tone of the article. Generally, when using racial slurs, it should come across as half-joking - like a racist joke that everyone laughs at because it’s true. This follows the generally light tone of the site.

It should not come across as genuinely raging vitriol. That is a turnoff to the overwhelming majority of people.


Was it here or somewhere else I read the bio on Andrew Anglin?

Guy is a weirdo who seems to have fallen into this in an attempt to find a “tribe”. Guy was literally in the jungles of third world nations for awhile.



A thing that has been on my mind a lot lately is closely related to this. The radical right has a way of making you do their cognitive dirty work for them.

I’m from the Netherlands and our provocative “news” outlets (think Fox or Breitbart) are big fans of the term “gelukszoeker”, this means luck, or happiness seeker. They use this term to describe refugees that don’t have to flee but do so only for financial gain. However, when you think about it, everybody is a happiness seeker, in itself this is not a negative term, it only becomes negative when you include in the term, their framing of the situation and their intention with the word.

Another one, (that has been nominated for word of the year by our dictionary) has even more meaning encoded in it. Merkellego, this describes blocks like these, that are used as a roadblock:

The implication of the word is that Merkel is responsible for allowing refugees into Europe and thereby caused the necessity of placing these blocks to prevent them from ploughing into a busy shopping street.

Trump does something similar, he doesn’t always create full sentences and allows the listener to fill in the blanks in his story, this forces the listener to adopt Trumps perspective and use that to make assumptions about the missing information. A nice bonus side effect is that this allows for multiple interpretations of what he is saying, allowing him to please more voters.

I want to get better at recognizing this behaviour and countering it by consciously not filling in the blanks, by acting naive and asking them to explain the term, or just using the most literal definition of the word. Have not been able to do this yet though.


Probably at The Atlantic?


Damn near pissed myself laughing.


I feel physically ill reading that shit.


Some antidote.’s list of characteristics of white supremacy culture .


this makes me seriously ill. what’s worse is, we apparently just stand for it and let them be, when they are SO blatant about their intentions.


So in other words these Nazis have trolling down to a science.


If that’s what they think is needed to manipulate anyone visiting their cesspool they have a low opinion of their audience’s intelligence, education and willpower. Or, put another way, an accurate opinion.


Style-guides. Style.guides.

What are they? The German NDP?
Politically-correct fascists?
Steve Jobs’ mock-turtleneck designers?

What’s next?

Will Hugo Boss design their uniforms?
Will Albert Speer build giant Claes Oldenburg sculptures for the most brutalist architectural airport terminal in the world?
Will IBM run their computers for them?
Will Henry Ford offer words of support?
Will the freeways be buzzing with Volkswagons?
Could they make ex-Pope Benedict feel young again?
Could they even manage to create a tiny diesel-emissions scandal?
Will they make the trains run on time? If they had trains to run?!
Is there anyone there who could possibly not make a zeppelin explode??!!!

Er Ist Weider Da. Pathetic and dangerously ridiculous as always.


Even their suntan-deprived wives won’t touch their little weinerschnitzels.


And would you know that it has a 17-page style guide? They pay $14.88 a post.

Well why doesn’t BoingBoing pay me $14.88 a post?

Oh, right. People like BoingBoing.


That is the article, I can’t remember how I found it. Maybe it was Fark.

At any rate, I think it is a must read just to know who you are dealing with. It is more bizarre than just some hate filled youth.

Nicely put. You have just defined dog whistle.


That’s a great link. It’s about white supremacy, yes, but it’s also describing just about any organization in North America (and maybe the world). I like how it describes the problem and provides some straightforward ways to combat it. I’ll be passing this around to my co-workers.


I turn the closed caption on and the sound down whenever Trump is speaking for this very reason.


I am comforted by the fact that the song “Springtime for Hitler” was written by Jewish WWII combat veteran. :slight_smile:


Is Mel a combat veteran? I thought he just drove trucks.

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