Ncuti Gatwa's Doctor is getting another companion

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This is a weird spin. I haven’t seen anyone speculate that Yasmin Finney will be on the show past the Tennant specials.


Yeah, exactly. Her character has never been referred to as a companion, either. This isn’t to say that she’ll never appear on the show again after the 60th, but I don’t think her being a main character for series 14 was ever in the plans for her.

I’m not up to date on my episodes - is Mandip Gill already gone? I guess having Ncuti Gatwa, Mandip Gill and Yasmin Finney as the cast would have caused too much spontaneous gammon combustion… which is part of why I was hoping it was going to be the case.


THIS IS MISINFORMATION. Nowhere has it been confirmed by the BBC that Yasmin Finney is playing a “companion” role in Doctor Who. Yasmine Finney is playing a minor role in the 60th anniversary special as Donna’s daughter Rose. She was only announced as being in it because she was seen filming with David Tennant and Catherine Tate. This article needs to be corrected as speculation.

Calm down, mate, this is a comment thread on a TV show not the UN.


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