Need a new reason to hate Donald Trump? His speaker fee is a quarter million bucks


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Of greater concern is that there are those out there who do pay him that much.


Soooo… roughly the same as Hillary’s? [SOURCE: Google “Hillary Clinton speaking fees”]


If she makes it past the primaries, definitely yes. :frowning:

Accusing bomen of witchcraft…?

-regex pedant


Don’t get me wrong, I’m working to get Bernie nominated, but H is ok by me.

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The 17th century carrier pigeoned, it want’s its misogyny back.

Haha, just kidding! They don’t want it either.


250K at 50 bucks a head is about 5,000 people.

Coincidentally, about the average size of the rallies he pays people 50 bucks a head to attend.


Lets assume he speaks for an hour (which would probably be tedious for all concerned) and spends four hours assiduously preparing a uniquely riveting and relevant speech for each occasion (also unlikely). Then he’s being paid US$50,000 an hour. He makes considerably more from one speech than most of us can gross in a year of full time work.

But If I could work for US50k/hour, I’d probably just do paid work for a couple of hours twice a year and be quite content with the sudden increase in spare time to do useful and interesting things in …

Personally, I’ve decided I’m happy to let him steal this particular shitshow. Part of me wants to register Republican just so that I can vote for this clown.


We want him to be the GOP nom-nom-nom nominee


Can’t see why anyone would pay him to speak. He hasn’t actually done anything that impressive. I mean, his core skill is basically “avoid errors you can’t buy your way out of”

Look at the last 14 years and then stop making him sound credible, right now. :wink:

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Right, so she can perpetuate the same regime of rampant warrantless spying and transfer of wealth to the wealthy that Obama inherited and has perpetuated.

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Who’s a huger chump than Donald Chump? Anyone who would pay him any money to give a speech.

(Out, in, out, in, out, in…)
Breathing my mother in
Breathing my beloved in
Breathing her nicotine
Breathing the fall-out in
Out, in, out, in, out, in, out, in

Do you not know he had a TV show for a while? If you think none of it was scripted (and thus, acted), I have a pair of nice bridges downtown to sell you. Right next to each other.


Why the Kate Bush lyrics? :confused:

The sole reason Donald Trump’s speaker fee is a quarter of a million dollars is that he believes there are people who are prepared to pay him that much (I don’t know to what degree this is borne out by reality).

Personally I don’t see what anybody could have to say that would be worth that kind of money, but if that works out for him then I say more power to him. Nobody has to go listen to him if they don’t want to. It’s not as if he is mugging people in the street or selling arms to the Third World (although given the number of his business interests he probably is).

Need a new reason to envy Donald Trump? His speaker fee is a quarter million bucks