Neighbor insulted during dispute


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“Stupid Flanders!”


Good fences make good neighbors. Seriously.


This is what you get when the high school jock marries the high school cheerleader.


I dated the daughter of a couple like that once. They bought her a car that cost more than my college education. Then they couldn’t afford to pay her college education.


American Stupid is the stupid all others must be judged against. This is the purest of pure.

Of course, his handgun is the red white and blue cherry on top.


This is why you have sprinklers. Damn, that lawn is looking extra dry!


I used to have one of those motion activated sprinklers to keep herons away. It was funny when someone walked in front of it. It was super funny when I forgot it was on and walked in front of it.


wow, that was some immature behavior…bullying is never okay, but they got stuck in the middle school version which seems very odd coming from grown adults.


There’s nothing unique about ours, we’re just louder.


Never happened like this on “King of Queens.”


I think this calls for a “Berlin Wall” level response.


“a durr durr durr” an all time high.


Yeah. In this case, I’d have no doubt at all what I was walling in and walling out.


Ladies and Gentlemen. May I present to you, out from hiding, fans of Kim Davis.


I have a sneaky suspicion that these neighbors deserve each other.


Cask of Amontillado-level walling in.


I’m confident this is real. I have a neighbor who tried to pick a fight with me. The gentleman has grey hair and middle-school level taunting skills. Thank goodness I almost never have a reason to go within 100 yards of him. I firmly believe there is somebody like this in every town, everywhere.


When he says, “Stupid says what?” His wife actually responds with “What?”


I had a similar neighbor, but two differences. For some reason he liked me (for the life of me I can’t explain), and he had money so he inevitablely sued half our neighbors.

He moved into a farm and sued people for running farm equipment? Luckily he didn’t prance around going Durr.