WATCH: Funny videos about weird apartment neighbors



Some people think this is comedy. It’s not. It’s a friggen documentary.


Had a neighbor who got seriously upset that I didn’t water his plants when I watered my own plantings. Among other things, he was big into Reiki, massage, and getting entirely too close for comfort. He would eventually go on to win a $100k judgement against the local city, which was all spent in about 8 months on crystals, dreamweavers, and other fascinating but ultimately useless items.

EDIT: Jeebus, I didn’t even say how much I liked the videos. They are entirely too accurate, and I’m sure we’ve all had these interactions. Maybe we should let these remind us to be nicer to the folks we share space with, or near? Nah, fuck that–now about those slasher movies you like to watch at 10pm on a Sunday night…


Let’s make fun of people, because ego!

Are you seriously opposed to comedy? Because those were actors, you know.

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Loved the condescending vegan one. I’m sure Jackie’s thinking: “I really can’t afford it, but dammit, I’m cooking up some beef tomorrow night.”

God that reminds me of the dorms in college.

What a great reminder that my current neighbors are delightfully unobtrusive.

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