Netflix is getting ready to revive Gamera

Mothra is best understood as a giant insectoid version of a Phoenix.


I always thought larva Mothra was more effective as a monster than full grown version.

Full grown Mothra is too adorable to be fearsome and the producers (post Showa) are always struggling to make her seem fearsome by adding powers.

Tom Kenny, before he became the renown cartoon voice actor did standup. I remember one bit he did about Mothra:
“Giant moth is coming! Hide your sweaters!”
“Why don’t we just get a big light!”


If they can not get Shusuke Kaneko, then they need someone that is willing to be their tone of the new movie on that Trilogy and not the ridiculous child friendly rest of the series

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I love the scene in the third one ,where the camera focuses on the kid who saying "Gamera saved me " and the camera pulls up to show the death and damage that Gamera has done .

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Does anyone know if there is actual Japanese mythology about turtles protecting children on which Gamera was based?

To my USian eyes turtles don’t seem like protectors or monsters.

That checks out. Mitch McConnell never saved anyone.


King Kong Dance GIF by Rafael Varona


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