Neverending Story with grown ups' faces superimposed on the kids'


Hmmm…we’re going to have to figure out what face to superimpose on Falcor, as we clearly can’t use an adult’s face.

Also, Falcor is already super imposing; how would that play into this?

(edited to add: I keed, I keed…"

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Just take it in the other direction.


The McDonald’s at 1:03 is priceless.
And the very ending, that’s totally our Falcor! :smiley:

…and the flights and the dreamy HDR landscapes make me think about procedurally generated places for VR… with a high-enough resolution (would 4k suffice?) it should be possible to just chill out in some such place with a book (the high-res being needed for the book to read well)…
…on a second thought, the books could come up with their own environment-backgrounds…
…and could contain magic-looking features - 3d imagery on pages, unfolding maps and models… lots of possibilities for both fiction, nonfic, and tech.
…I can quite see the user interface being a blank book, with page-turning sensors (or just watched by a camera and having codes for pages), to provide the proper haptic feedback.
…just thinking…

The ending was worth it.

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I just hope @beschizza never finds my porn cameos.


Impressive, does this count as transformational or is the artist paying some heavy dues…?


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On an ill-advised thought, I tried the google image search.
The seen cannot be unseen!

I know. Who woulda thought that “neverending story donkey punch” would get so many results?

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