New comic "Radiant Black" asks: what if the Power Rangers were depressed 30-somethings?

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So, depending on how one reckons things, it’s taken about 15-20 years for popular culture to start acknowledging that the post-war economic anomaly and its assumptions are over. Wiith the myths about the “American Dream” and the “classless society” and such finally being pushed aside, perhaps Americans under age 40 will be better able to prepare and correct for a future that’s going to be much rougher than their Boomer* parents promised them.

[* some Gen Xers got to enjoy the dregs of the good times, but most of us slackers knew that the party was wrapping up.]


I feel attacked :stuck_out_tongue:


Didn’t they try something similar to this with “Misfits”?
I mean I know it was teenagers, but they wheren’t really very heroic or morally outstanding, where they?


Only just recently are people really and truly realizing the American Dream was a sham because the pyramid scheme meant to prop up certain desirables has fallen apart. That’s not to say the US is 100% evil, there’s a lot of potential that you can’t get in other places of the world but it’s not a squeaky clean Disneyland either.


At this point, the development of a supersuit seems vastly more realistic than meaningful social and economic change.


and then there was this


Just what I want from my escapist fantasy comics: more depressing reality!

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A couple of things that this brings to mind:

  1. The “what if superheroes had to grow up and old and deal with regular people stuff” has been done many, many times, particularly in Marvelman (aka Miracleman).

  2. Maybe it’s just an accident of what you chose to excerpt from the comic, but whenever I see writers put up big blocks of text delivered by talking heads, I wonder if they really just wanted to write a story or novel and for some reason put it in comic book form.

Do the suits automatically make them look ripped as heck, or is that the one problem the depressed 30-somethings don’t have to deal with?

But I suppose trying to throw in body image issues on top of everything else might over-complicate the narrative.

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