New COVID lockdown rules limit alcohol possession for certain Australians

On one had it’s true. On the other hand forcing people already under stress to go give up something they’re depending on (healthy, acceptable, or otherwise) is going to worsen mental health outcomes too. It all sucks.


Well, then. I’ll be needing about 5 gallons of apple juice and some honey. I drink a lot of apple juice.

Also, does anyone have a 5 gallon jug I can borrow?


And some bakers yeast, in case you feel like making bread


That complex is just around the corner from my house, I normally walk past it on my way to my local craft brewery (Wayward Brewing)
Limiting alcohol deliveries to a 6 pack a day is not a huge hardship, but the manner that they do it can cause concern.
Just FYI, Camperdown is one of the areas in Sydney that is falling behind in vaccination rates and the government is trying to avoid this turning into a hotspot.

I take it that your employer has no plans to donate much needed supplies of beer as a gesture of solidarity and good will, then?

I got the numbers from here: although I see I was wrong. It’s actually four standard drinks a day!


There’s also salt-reduced varieties. The one with an orange lid is 25 per cent less salt while the light blue bar on the label is 40 per cent less. Might only be available here though.


In the US the proper response to being punched in a bar fight is to shoot the bastard. I’ll bet that happens less in Australia.

kidding/not kidding


an armed society is a polite soc…

“100% the fox news of Australia” in that it is fully owned by Murdoch, as well.

No one except politicians watch Sky News (cf Canberra bubble)

There is a world of difference between Vegemite, Marmite and Promite.

The conversation amongst people from the UK, Australia and NZ will generally go like this:
is better than that foreign muck

Obviously, as an Australian, Vegemite is the superior product!

That’s something that should be looked after, aiming at preventing/minimizing suffering. Just like any other medical condition.

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