New device lets you sleep forward on a plane

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Chicago-San Francisco-Sydney-Darwin-Katherine. 4+15+4+1 = 24 hours of flying, not including layovers. She must have been counting layovers.


“It’s also TSA-approved.”

That doesn’t seem to actually be a thing. I can’t find any mechanism by which companies can get items like this “approved” by the TSA.

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I think what they mean is they won’t take it away from you before you board the plane.

Probably, though that is a fairly efficient route.

Just before the ‘96 Olympics in Atlanta, I was on a flight from London to Raleigh that happened to have the Kenya track team also flying. They had flown from Kenya to London first, of course. That’s a bit out of the way, but understandable. However, they were then also on my flight from Raleigh to Chicago, where they were going to transfer again to fly to Atlanta.

I’m not sure how much total time they spent in the air, but it was certainly a lot more than a direct flight from Kenya to Atlanta would have been (not that such a flight existed).

They could have taken a bus from Raleigh. Who set up that itinerary?

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I know, right? My recollection is that they were then going to take a bus from Atlanta to Huntsville to train prior to the Olympics starting. I really felt sorry for them at the time.

I think people don’t realize how large the U.S. is, and then it’s also a bit like a subway map: you think of the connections based on the stylized map, not where they are physically from each other on the actual ground level. The London subway map is like that: it can seem like you have to switch lines multiple times, but if you look at the street level, you could just take that one line, get out of the station, and then walk 2 blocks.

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Yeah. Once you get out of the Northeast, things in the US are crazy far apart.

It seems to have worked out for the Kenyans in the end. It looks like they won 8 track & field medals during that Olympics.

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Oh yes, there is a prank you can play on people with the Underground. I always forget the stations. They are less than 500 m apart on the ground but on different lines and it will take ages to get from one to the other on the tube.

I used to work near one, in the City of London area near Bank Station, but I can’t remember now what it was.

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