New Jersey town paints crosswalks in bold Pride colors




Well played.


Reminds me of when somebody painted the zebra crossings outside the Russian embassy in Oslo in rainbow colours a few years ago.


That’s how they did the one crossing the main street of Salem MA. (The red line running through it is the Heritage Trail marker taking pedestrians around different historic sites)


For something that is arguably harder to notice, there sure is a lot of noticing it going on.


/dry tone
Won’t someone please think of the hand-wringing?
/dry tone


I wish I could give this comment more likes.

… feature permanent rainbow crosswalks …

… a permanent marker or symbol …

Reading through the post I found myself thinking that I never knew paint on asphalt was so permanent. Fingers crossed that a future regime change doesn’t undo everything; until that possible day, awesome!


Well, Valley and Oakview is in the centre of town. Let’s take a drive along Valley road and see what we find.

Here’s Valley and Oakland (not to be confused with the aforementioned Valley and Oakview, obviously, because that’s a couple blocks on yet.) This one gets ladders all around, with thin stripes.


Here’s Valley and Baker, and Valley and North Crescent. Baker gets zebra with thin white stripes, and N Crescent gets continental.

Here’s Valley and South Pierson. One crossing gets zebra with thick white stripes, one standard with no stripes, at the same intersection.

Turn left on South Pierson and you come to S Pierson and Springfield. Springfield is the major road in town, and its crosswalks are usually solid with red paint.

So the answer to your question seems to be “there is no standard pedestrian crossing design in Maplewood NJ, because I can find five different designs in a single three minute drive, sometimes with different designs at at the very same intersection”.


That explains why the pride crosswalk is not a problem.
I’d say is visually almost completely equivalent to the last one.

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