New Lincoln Project ad shows Trump border wall built from COVID victims' tombstones — 'This is Trump's Wall'

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Wow. They’re good at what they do. Enemy of my enemy…


I’m really excited for the Lincoln Project’s upcoming media ventures that they’re making with the donation money that they grifted out of everyone. I mean, when one of their Senior Advisers says that she never expected Repubs to help beat Trump, which is ostensibly what the Lincoln Project was about, you know that they were just lying straight to people’s faces.


Is still my enemy.


They might as well turn their guns on Biden now instead of waiting until Inauguration Day. If they think this sort of thing will help put the GOP back in the hands of the moneyCons and neoCons they’re fooling themselves. That ship has sailed and the opportunists who run and fund TLP spent 40 years helping to launch the S.S. Frankenstein’s Monster.


is the enemy of my enemy, and nothing more.

Their enmity towards my enemy may be useful at times, but that does not make them my friend.


I don’t get it. What’s the agenda? Trump lost the election and will be gone in 21 days. What does this ad do?


They are quite amazing at the propaganda.

I prefer “The enemy of my enemy is maybe my temporary quasi-ally to be viewed with a suspicion bordering on paranoia”



It slows down the eventual revisionist history that the GOP will try to paint. Try hell. They’re already doing it.



365 miles of Trump’s wall got built, according to the BBC.

A standard coffin is 80 inches long, lying flat. At 330,000 COVID deaths, that’s 26,400,000 inches of coffins end-to-end, which is just over 416 miles.

The man actually made it further with coffins than with his precious wall.


But also:

Never interfere with an enemy in the process of destroying himself.
        – Napoleon (or Sun Tzu or Jesus or something)


The Lincoln Project may be opposing Turmpworld’s attempts to rewrite history (as it happens), but that’s only so they can install their own revisionist history, where Turmp was a one-off bad apple who was defeated by the heroic “real” GOP.

I think the ongoing ads are meant to persuade Republican candidates that Turmp isn’t the only thing they should be scared of in their future campaigns. They’re hoping for a “Turmp backlash” storyline where the GOP wins back the voters they just got to vote for Biden (assuming that actually happened), and everything resets to the wonderful GW Bush era, ignoring how that era was just a big neon arrow pointing in the direction of Turmp.

Anyway, they’re no friend to Democrats. In two years, they’ll be attacking Biden on bullshit economic issues, and happily letting the Turmp rump attack him as a baby-eating communist. If there was ever a case for accepting their “help”, it expired a month ago. They oughta be called the STINCOLN Project. Hur.


Not sure what’s to get excited about. This is at least the 3rd iteration of this ad. All they are doing is updating the numbers then uploading. Costs them next to nothing and displaces the old one that is out of date. They are spending more money on ads with new content.

Seems a lot of vitriol is for what this group might do some day. Don’t have to trust 'em or support them, but at least wait until they actually do something you don’t like before criticizing them for it. Until then, there are plenty of people doing awful shit today that are fully deserving of scorn.

This country needs to rebuild the concept of loyal opposition. Part of that rebuilding comes from engaging with those most represent it while opposing those that don’t. Not by lumping them all together. Yeah, to some that may be like saying consider the better shit sandwich. But if you don’t at least express a preference, you run the risk of orange haired ones staying on the menu.

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And for what they’ve done in the past. This is a group made up of the same neoCons and moneyCons whose policies and bad-faith approach to politics over 30+ years laid the groundwork for the regime they now oppose (mainly because it says the quiet parts out loud and because it endangers their investments).

No, it’s the GOP and its supporters who need to rebuild that concept, one they started abandoning with Gingrich in the 1990s. I doubt that TLP is truly interested in that. The establishment Dems continuing to reach out and continuing to get their hands bitten by the Party of Demonstrable Bad Faith isn’t going to get better results just because they do it more.

TLP ads, as well-produced and clever and cutting as they were, didn’t shift significant numbers of GOP voters away from Il Douche last month. There’s a deeper problem here. The only real chance in regard to having a loyal opposition is for the Republicans to have a Whig-like collapse and get replaced with a new conservative party willing to deal in good faith. However, it’s a slim chance, infected as American conservatism is by zero-sum Libertarian ideology.


Vitriol for the past is fair. Being wary for the future is warranted.

I think there could be a Whig-like collapse coming (delayed, ironically, by Trump being defeated). What replaces it could be better or worse. Given a choice between TLP and other GOP groups that could shape that new party, it seems wiser to at least not attack the group that is mouthing something you can agree with.

A hearty ‘Meh’ seems more in order.

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