New Lincoln Project video calls out corporate leaders who funded riot-inciting congress members

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The claims in this advertisement are 100 percent false.

Did he not give millions of dollars to these politicians? Does he deny that they’re enemies of liberal democracy? If he doesn’t answer those questions, I don’t see him putting his precious, precious money where his mouth is. All I see is another modern-day incarnation of the Weimar-era plutocrats who enabled the fascists.


They are still not any allies of mine, but I must say I am quite surprised that the LP didn’t pivot to attacking Biden and the Dems after the election.


Exactly right. Trump didn’t suddenly become a problem that no one could have foreseen on January 6th.


Same here, but I think they realised that the death cult, and by extension their struggle for control of the GOP, didn’t go away just because Biden won.


Which makes them marginally smarter than most of their counterparts in the GQP.


Nice work, but I trust LP as much as I trust any generic nazi GOP’er.


Ike Perlmutter, the chairman of Marvel…

Somebody needs to dress as Captain America and punch that man in the face.


One gets the impression that five people were killed at the riot. Not true. A female rioter was shot by police. Another rioter died of a drug overdose, and three succumbed to natural causes. More than 140 people were injured. A hot deadly mess.

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Well one person passed out, but then trampled to death. That’s from the riots.

The cop who died it is unclear if he died due to injuries sustained, or if it was a coincidence, or a combination of the two.

There were several other officers hurt in the riot.


All of the deaths stemmed from the riot, so yes, they were killed by the riot… But let’s not forget that about 140 officers were also injured, some very seriously - so nothing to gloss over at all. Some of those officers ended up retiring due to the stress of the event, too. And many people suffered psychological harm from the events that day, since they were being specifically targeted for murder by armed fascists…

But thanks for the hot take, Jim Jordan.


Yup. I might be a bit too cynical, but I wonder how much of this is a $$/wise threat, “You can either support us, or you can support Q-nuts, but we will out you if you go Q-nuts.”

LP is trying to force a schism in the Republican party for better or for worse, and they think they can come out on top. Win, lose, or no schism, they WILL still work against all progressive policies.


Theoretically landing charges on her fellow gang members.


Whether they died during the riots as they were happening is immaterial; the fact that had there not been any riots at all, five people would still be alive is what’s pertinent.


Fixed. Others have corrected your attempt to downplay the critical role of the event in their deaths, but let’s also use the proper term for that event.


Agreed, though standing back and squinting it seems like Biden is pretty much what they want. I think they are betting on a HUGE right-leaning centrist party emerging with splinters on the right and left (their courting of the center accelerates both) Biden is to the left of their true aims, but on the other hand is the best ratchet money can buy, and other than that has been pretty harmless from their perspective, at least compared to what a further-left candidate would’ve inspired in our current moment. And more Trumpism would mean a stronger left. Add to all that the fact that a harmless centrist Dem means big midterms for Republicans and it starts to look like they are the ones playing chess in 4D. The centrist press is certainly playing the “we’re dems until taxes and class deconstruction are part of the question, then we’re ‘informed skeptics of all sides’”


You know, between a proper conservative party and nutzo fascist asshats… I’ll take the conservative party every day. I just hope they unwind enough to get back to what conservatives are actually supposed to be; which is somewhere to the left of Biden.

There are too many Reichpublicans in office to assume that they can’t and won’t ever win again. And at this point, I am really concerned about what would happen if the Turd Reich controlled the enchilada. Like, “final solution” worried. Like “President for Life” worried.

If a person is committing a felony and a person dies as a result of the felony (bank robbery, one of the customers or staff present under gunpoint dies of a heart attack during the event), it’s a valid murder charge for the perpetrator, or in the case of the Capitol insurrection - perpetraitor.


I’d willingly pay $15 (or whatever it costs to see a movie these days) to see that.

ETA: My BF says he needs to be punched in the face w/the shield!


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