New Mac-scented candle reportedly smells like a standard candle


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…but it costs way more than it should.


You can only light it with an Apple developed lighter that takes specially formulated butane. To use regular butane you have to install a dongle.


You can only use Apple-approved scents in it, unless you jailbreak it, which voids the warranty.


catching a whiff of something, though…


Isn’t this part of Jeff Foxworthy’s new routine “you might be a Apple fanboy if…”?

I use this to mask the stench of all the Dell’s and HP’s in my office that the lesser people use.

I’m waiting for them to release an iPhone flavored Kool-Aid mix.

…Because sometimes you have to cover up your Apple tattoo

Scent Notes: Mint, Peach, Smugness, Basil, Tears of sweatshop labor, Lavender, Mandarin and Sage.

Did you poop in bathroom or open a new Mac?


Also… Mac-branded laptop reportedly surfs the internet like a standard laptop


or just sniff a stack of $100 bills


Apple would prefer you give them that stack of $100 bills and let them engineer a smell to remind you of said stack.


What’s fucked up is look at where apple started with the Apple II line. Those were open boxes. Now?


Like the other “Mac” item - it smells like a standard candle, costs twice as much, doesn’t burn as bright and only less than 10% of people use it.


I still think the world is in dire need of an “80’s electronics” candle (or perhaps Eau de Toilette). I’ve not yet encountered any definitive research into what exactly produces that distinctive sweet, musky odor – no doubt it’s due to the outgassing of something with overwhelmingly horrible health effects.


What is really needed is a Mac that is candle-scented. Even better would be a bacon-scented Mac.


This could have been a fun product if they simply made it apple-scented.

That was Woz’ influence.


These guys seem to think it smells pretty dead-on to a new Mac Mini.


In photometry: “The standard source was the English standard candle, which was made of spermaceti, a wax obtained from sperm whale oil, consumed at a rate of 7.776 grams per hour with a flame height of 4.5 cm. The diameter of the candle was 2.22 cm.”


I recently purchased a mac mini to replace a mac mini. And then I learned that I could no longer add memory to the new ones. #WTFApple ?


Does a Standard Candle smell like a Standard Poodle?


What we really need is scented water directed into the body for hygienic reasons, a “New Mac” douche if you will.


Smells like chicken.