New poll finds 6 in 10 Americans want Trump criminally charged for J6 insurrection

That 19% or Republicans. . . who are they, and what do they really believe?

Some Democrats probably think they can appeal to them for votes, but I bet they would still vote for Trump again in 2024 given the chance.


See I think that the ones that it’s working for are the ones who are pandering to the fascists because they are fascists themselves. And there is an increasing number of those everyday. Increasingly for the GOP fascism is the goal, so I don’t think they see a downside - instead they just want to purge anyone who has a shred of reason like Cheney


ABC News poll findings of what Americans want. Sounds legally relevant.

Criminally charged? Sure!

That’s what I want!
You Know Who is just one among many that have earned this fate.

I bet if there was a lottery to decide, it would retire the debt, fund SS forever, etc…

A suitably horrific fate for You Know Who?
I would confiscate all his stuff, then leave him to the tender mercies of the Russian Mafia.

Trying to think of someone worse than DeSatan is disturbing.

The whole Texas [formerly} Republican Party has officialy gone full-on death cult.

In Texas, it will be sooner rather than later.

It’s a waste of time trying to appeal to them, and trying to bargain with thiem is a fool’s errand, since they haven’t bargained in good faith for decades… something Uncle Joe doesn’t seem to comprehend.
It would be easier to appeal to Independents.


BtW. Nice use of midjourney.

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… also “ahistorical”. As in “can’t remember why France doesn’t have a king anymore”.

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What is legally relevant is that he tried to over throw an election…


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