New smartphone app lets museum visitors point at art, then see artists discuss the work

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Damien Hirst: hires people to make his stolenidea of ‘a bunch of dots’

Jeff Koons: steel balloon animals and shlocky photographs

Major con artists of our time? Sure.
Major thinkers of our times? No.

“Now you can point your phone at any piece of art and listen to the artists jerk off while they convince you of its value in the world.”

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I hope that the app only works if it can detect earphones plugged in.


Oh goody. Now artists have to be telegenic to succeed. Will the museum also be tracking how many “views” each artist gets?


Surprised this didn’t already exist. Seems obvious.



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I remember when I was a kid and got a talking-to in the Hirshhorn sculpture garden for getting too chummy with Rodin’s Burghers of Calais. I would never dream of touching a painting in a museum but that patinated bronze looked so inviting in the sunshine that I just had to get close to it. Now I’m a boring grownup and know better.

I also remember renting tape players that hung from a strap on your shoulder and gave you a guided tour of a museum’s collections while you walked around wearing headphones. This smart phone solution sounds like a fine replacement.


I bet the app is missing a feature:

Tag the artwork with your comments.

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