New study discovers why coffee can protect the brain, and it has to do with the kind of roast you drink


i wonder if e.e.cummings drank three cups a day. what do you think?



Coffee? Check.
Appendix out? Check.


The four important food groups: Vodka, red wine, coffee and, when solids are needed dark chocolate.
And in case I’m wrong about the health benefits, at least adherents would feel pretty damn good.



Totally agree with the “Charbucks” statement. Yech!


david bowie and kurt vonnegut in one commercial?! cool


I quickly checked their inclusion criteria. Did I miss the part where they check the quality of data, starting with n?


Wholesalers store coffee up to three years to get the best prices: in non-climate controlled conditions in humid tropical countries. USDA doesn’t inspect for mycotoxins.

In America, much the same thing is done with raw wheat and dried corn. Reactions may be more to mildew than to glutens.

Damn, I miss my morning quart Mason jar or two of high-test extra-strength. Green tea is not at all the same.


Because it actually tastes decent?


I was trying (badly) to make a joke… :slight_smile:
But you’re right, the lighter roasts do taste better for the most part. My favorite widely available coffee right now is the organic Breakfast blend from Trader Joes. Otherwise, we have some local roasters that have some great blends, too.


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