New toilet paper dispenser delivers 3 squares if you watch a 30-second commercial 💩


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I don’t quite understand your comment. We seem to both be in agreement that China is knee deep in capitalism (they could power a city with the level of spinning in his grave Mao is doing). Now, it isn’t exactly like “western” capitalism, but it for sure is being done full steam ahead. And for certain markets, they are set up to go from prototype to produce shipping in an impressively short time.

I’m saying it isn’t impressive, even in a sarcastic sense. Nothing more.

Some supporters of the CPC are trying to claim that what they are doing is market socialism, but market socialism is something very different, like Mutualism.

The modern CPC themselves admit that it is state capitalism. They believe that it is a prerequisite for communism.


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I thought that was supposed to be order of things? Capitalism establishes the factories and markets, and then Communism takes it over where they continue to produce not for profit but for people who need/want the product?

Though I admit I have a layman’s overview of the ideas.

I bet the same places that install these also instal the tilted, uncomfortable toilets.
Plenty of places in China are still using squat toilets and buckets of water. Bring your own tissue and sanitizer everywhere.


Do not lick the toilet paper dispenser. Or anything else you find in the bathroom.


The toilet paper i am currently using (as in, currently using currently using) is 328 squares per roll at $1 per roll retail. Or 54 minutes and 40 seconds of ads. At the federal minimum wage of $7.25/hr, employers get to dock employees $6.60 for every dollar of toilet paper used. Seems like a no brainer to me, if i were that kind of petty asshole.


Well, that’s shitty.
How long before every one of those is torn from the wall and stomped on?

And take your pants & underthings off. All the way off. Hang them on the door. Squat toilets are much easier bare-ass.

ETA: for more ad-driven insanity, see here. Which I think I found here on BB.

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During a trip to Nanjing my cousin had to use one, and she’s lucky I was in shouting distance. She was wearing a dress, and I wound up holding nearly her entire outfit because the door wasn’t a good place to hang clean clothing. That was an episode neither of us will ever forget! :grimacing: She scrubbed her feet for a long time after we got back to the hotel.


Pro tip: remove cat first.


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