New York magazine depicts Trump


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If the snout fits…


2016: “Let’s drain the swamp!”
2018: “Four legs good, two legs better!”


Huh? This just looks like a normal picture of Donald Trump?



so much better than bleeding eyes or eye/mouth swaps.


Pigs sleep happily in their own shit so, yeah, fitting. Nice work.


this. because I am sort of sick of the other meme now. It’s run its course.


The article which this image illustrates is fairly alarming in its own right:


Poor pigs :frowning:


This magazine cover is an insult to pigs everywhere.

Only if they’re kept in tiny pens on factory farms. Given the chance to be so, pigs are actually rather fastidious.


From the sounds of it, Trump hasn’t had a happy night of sleep in ages. Based on what we’ve seen publicly, and things disclosed by former staffers, the man can’t be alone with his thoughts for more than a couple of minutes without spiraling into a panic, and if he’s not the center of attention 24x7 he becomes angry, petulant, and impulsive.

It makes sense. His behavior often outwardly resembles, and suggests the emotional maturity of that of a narcissistic teenager, and given that he’s in his 70’s, I’m pretty sure that’s all the further he developed. I think people ascribe more depth to him than he has because he was on TV and what they keep mistakenly interpreting what they see as the “character” and not the real person much like most anyone else on television. The problem is that Trump wasn’t playing a character. He really is a shallow, petty, stupid, asshole.

Normally I’m understanding and compassionate about why people became the way they are, but in Trump’s case, the problems are too severe, and the consequences are too great.


Pigs are wonderful animals and don’t deserve this slander.


Trump told America exactly what he was going to do during the campaign when he lustfully spoke about changing (specifically libel) laws to “make a lot of moooooney!”

All that swamp draining talk was just spun wrong, he didn’t mean he was going to drain the swamp permanently, he was just going to drain it, kick all the gross critters out, and then replace them with his own gross critter friends so they can all work together to defraud the American people out of billions.


As the NPR podcast, Trump, Inc keeps brilliantly hitting over and over again from one of Trump’s early presidential press conferences, he said out loud that the president can’t have conflicts of interest because they are president. His version of “When you’re president, it’s not illegal.” Well, that was his lawyers’ interpretation. The intention of the law was that presidents really can’t afford to have conflicts of interest, because they can’t be allowed to recuse themselves on any important decisions…but you know, potato/potahto



And when you get tired, and need a break…


I am working several parts of the solution…


What a great picture.

That and I think my next dog will be a pig.


Whereas for me, my first reaction to it was, “Hmm, something seems off about the eyes.”

Darn it, BB! Eye mouths should not be my automatic expectation!


So every politician will get a pig snout? lol