New Zealand Prime Minister shuts down Covid denier: “Sorry sunshine, wrong place”

What we demand are rigidly defined areas of doubt and uncertainty.

Or as is said of Cosmologists. Often uncertain but never in doubt.

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I think I prefer this depiction to the Bosch one, earlier. :wink:

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Well, yes, but the ideal of America has been America. Now this ideal is in question. Not a country of immigrants? Not the melting pot? Not the world’s prime democracy? Not the progressive beacon? … pity


That’s what I’ve always felt uncomfortable about. We glamorize the ideal while rarely doing much to achieve it. If you take a truly open-eyed view of American history, it is clear that a small minority of people are the ones who move us toward that ideal while a small minority directly oppose it. The majority are comfortably in the middle, waiting to be swayed and deferring to the more regressive default time and time again.

Having said that, I don’t think there’s anything particularly American about that. As you point out, what truly does make America unique is the blend of cultures and the ideal of true equality and representation. We’re getting there, but the ideal seems to paper over reality far too often.


Glad to see there’s still at least one civilized country in the world. That is exactly how covidiots, flat earthers, and anti-vaxxers should be treated.

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Says a lot of people these days!

Wise and kind-hearted people such as yourself would fit in well here.

We somehow managed to retain Neil Finn and leave the Aussies with Russell Crowe. Maybe we could trade Peter Thiel or Matt Lauer for you?


But we got John Clarke. Everything after that is a rounding error. :laughing:


Sounds like I should turn ‘free agent’!

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So the wealthy are looking to be Hobbits: hillside dwellings.

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can you not? --canadians

Both Ardern and the Greens appear to have done well in NZ’s election today. :slightly_smiling_face:

Some historical trivia to celebrate:


So sweet.

Election results could always be worse of course. Unfortunately no parties are capable of ushering reform where it it needed most (financial, economic, agrarian etc).

“Either a wealth tax or a capital gains tax could have raised billions of dollars from the wealthiest New Zealanders in order to support a better life for the less fortunate. But Ardern has ruled both of them out, not just now but for her political lifetime.

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