Newborn twins mistake bath for womb

That’s why you can’t trust babies. You never know what they’re thinking.

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For science, I’d like to see this repeated with some non-related babies.

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My dad always used to tell me, "You spend nine months trying to get out, then the rest of your life trying to get back in.’

Now I know what he meant.

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Surely it would be easier to bath them separately, rather than mashing their tiny heads together. Unless, of course, you are trying to make a cute viral video.

I’ve seen one or two newborns I thought were already cute, for most babies I don’t think they are until they’re a month old or so. As long as you don’t mention that point to the parents you should be ok.

Uncanny valley.


Does the one on the left look a lot like Vladimir Putin to anyone else?

Yes, I was trying to think whether there was an appropriate word equivalent to “anthropomorphism” and I suppose it’s just “projection.”

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You’ve got it backwards. Aliens (the stereotypical “grey”) look like babies.

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It looks like basic animal behavior:

There’s another one of these babies getting a wash videos going around (at least among my yoga friends on Facebook). What is amazing to me about both of them is that most small babies despise baths. I know it seems intuitive that a newborn would enjoy being immersed in water because it’s like the womb, but most really small babies do not like it. That’s why most tiny infants get sponge baths.

I think this is really beautiful; the nurse obviously has a special skill to keep babies soothed in this situation. However, I agree that as far as it being twins, it’s probably just more comforting to them to be huddled against another person, whether it’s a brother, sister, or unrelated warm being.

In conclusion, this is cute!


Give it six months.

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Creepypasta remix.

the placentas wouldn’t have prevented touch, they are adhered to the wall of the uterus and would in no way get in between each of the babies. the amniotic sacs of typical fraternal twins might have though.

Yes, you are right. My idea of what constituted the placenta included the amniotic sac and it seems that isn’t correct. They are clearly fraternal though, since they are of different sex.

They looked rubber. Uncanny Valley.

Also, who (almost) immerses newborns in a sink? Whatever happened to a wet cloth?

" I hate this thing. I clicked on the article and commented on it, for no reason other than to tell you my irrelevant opinion. ‘Sorry’"

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