Newborn twins mistake bath for womb




Well if that ain’t just gosh darned cute, I don’t know what is.


In the first couple of days after he was born my son acted like he was still in the womb. He kept his legs tucked up and kicked out occasionally. Also, I got the impression he was not impressed with the outside world. It wasn’t as comfortable as his former home.


Though captivating in a way (though I could do without the New Age music) it appears that the nurse is holding and almost squeezing the babies together. It’s not as if the twins are ambulating from opposite sides of the wash basin to bond and cuddle. They’re already being held together when the video begins.

To state that the twins “mistake bath for womb” is stretching reality (I feel) - also to say the twins are “mimicking” life in the womb, makes it sound like they’re self-consciously imitating life in the womb - and besides, is there really much difference between the warm, watery environment of a womb and the warm environment of a watery wash basin? Why project our interpretations onto cute, newborns? They’re simply babies being babies, they’re not scheming mimics.


From Peter Watts’ Behemoth:

“Certainly Clarke feels the pull of the deep sea. Maybe it’s an escape, maybe the abyss is just the ultimate place to hide from the living hell that was life among the drybacks. Or maybe it’s even simpler. Maybe it’s just a dark, weightless evocation of the womb, a long-forgotten sense of being nourished and protected and secure, back before the contractions started and everything turned to shit.”


Even better than Moms’, this is a womb with a view.


Hmm. My copy of the video ended before the one turned to the other and said, “I say, Mugsy, I do believe we’re still inside the womb!”


Since one is male the other female, they would have had separate placentas and wouldn’t have been able to touch each other – at least not directly. So it may be more like “pleased to finally meet you!”


One of the FAVORITE pastimes of human adults is projecting their own behaviors onto animals. This isn’t a far cry.




Sometimes I think I’m the only person in the world who finds babies absolutely revolting. Its not an opinion and I"m not claiming I’m normal. Its just what I feel when I see a very young baby. Revolted. Sorry.


Well hey, um, thanks for sharing? :-/


Yeesh. I hope I’m never a wet blanket who sees a cute video of something and then point out everything wrong with it.


I like hearing other people’s radically different views of life. I must admit, posting was partly to see if any others felt the same. So far its 50/50 for and against judging by likes and comments. It would be a rather bland world if we all had the same outlook.


What I found to be most fascinating was how they seemed to have no hurry to open their eyes. They open the eyes just a slit bit and go back to the better view of the universe they had with eyes closed.


I love cute things & find this creepy. These babies look like aliens.


That’s because they are new. Birth is a messy process, you come out covered in an ectoplasm like goo and a misshapen head.


I hope for the parents that it means they are good sleepers (especially since there are two of 'em). My girl was born with her eyes opened like saucers, checking out everything and everyone. She was super alert and cheerful but also never freaking slept.


no, it’s because they look like aliens.


They look like aquatic creatures who are accustomed to living in darkness. And they are. I was thinking about my own creeped-out-ed-ness to newborns, which I’ve pretty much always felt, when that thought occurred to me. Somehow I no longer feel so weirded out by them. I think that, like many air-breathing, tree-climbing mammals, I just don’t relate very well to amphibians.