News anchor has a question for folks fleeing storm


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Good on whoever finally cut off the bloviating anchor.


Hold on, lady fleeing for life on crutches, let me interrupt you for a moment with a question about policy you had no hand in designing.


What I find annoying is how reporters always feel like it’s okay to put hands on people during interviews.


Ain’t nobody got time for that.


What I find annoying is how tasering reporters is a bad idea when you’re soaking wet.


News at 5: Water is wet!


Thanks for that, Bob. Later, Janice will be following a bear through the woods to find out just exactly what it is he gets up to in there…


This is like an SNL or Monty Python skit.


Fox is just looking to hang the blame on the Dem mayor of Houston… also do reporters generally ever ask good questions?


FOX News trying to bogus up the illusion of ‘inclusion’ and doing it by stopping people who are trying to get out of the weather and one is on crutches. Absolutely no style or thought.


I think you’re conflating the guy working for Fox with a reporter. Two entirely different careers.


Have I told you lately how much you are loved?



Also Fox News… have you ever seen a map of Houston? The entire city is a low-lying area. There are no places that far away from bayous. It’s called the Bayou City for a reason. Stupid.


That’s a clown question, bro.


Bless his heart.


The ladies showed astonishing patience. I might have fed newsboy his microphone.


Well they couldn’t hear what the guy with the microphone was hearing. The guy with the microphone is hearing what is in the studio and is supposed to relate questions to the people on the street.

It SHOULD have been a chance to see how the people directly affected feel, vs a cringe-fest.


Excuse me, I see that you are trying to evacuate from the storm on crutches…

Do you have a few minutes to speak to me about accepting Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Saviour? This will only take a few hours…