Nicholas Kristof resigns from the New York Times, considering run for Oregon governor

Originally published at: Nicholas Kristof resigns from the New York Times, considering run for Oregon governor | Boing Boing


shame for the Times to lose him, but the Times is more or less captured by Money anyway. I’m glad they hated Trump, but they threw their effort into maintaining the status quo and got their dream president.

I am sure there are better candidates in Oregon - some Portland progressives would be nice.


He’s a good journalist and a smart guy but that doesn’t often translate into an effective political leader. That’s especially true in a state where a lot of sado-populists, fascists and white supremacists have decided to make a stand in recent years. I wish him luck.


Reading this all I could think of is “Who? Never heard of him.”

That shouldn’t disqualify him from running or holding the position… but it doesn’t mean I will be inclined to vote for him either.

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Good riddance. I work in development, and so many of his articles were, shall we say, not reflective of the work and situation on the ground, and often caused more harm than good.

I saw him speak at an industry event about women and Microfinance, and it was absolute pablum. The type of Microfinance he championed required very specific conditions to be successful, and often leads to impoverishment in places where it doesn’t exist. He and his wife didn’t take any audience questions and nearly fled the stage when they were finished.

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Is Kate Brown not running again? Or does he have enough of a problem with her that he’s primarying her? Or is he running as a Republican? These are, after all, strange times.

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