Nigel Farage gave Steve Bannon a painting in which Bannon is Napoleon


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If there were ever a true call for a Bruce Elliott version (nsfw) of a history painting then these events certainly make that call.


I’m sure Race(ist) Bannon was hoping for the Godwin version. You know with photoshop they could add that ever-so-stylish mustache…

Once the Trump camp starts passing out arm bands it is time to flee to Canada.


Does this mean that Bannon will be exiled on an island? I hope so.


It’s far to kind, that piece of shit is disgusting beyond compare.


My favorite hot take:


A painting in which Bannon is an Asshole.




So Farage gave Bannon a picture based on Napoleon 3 years before Waterloo. Hope we don’t have to wait 3 years for their & their pals Waterloo…


That’s not a painting, that’s a collage. Just sayin’.


Bannon never looked that good.


Corsica is too good for him.


I can think of another famous painting by David that I would rather see with Bannon’s face.

(You can figure it out.)


Elba, actually. (Season 1)

And Saint Helena. (Season 2)


There I go messing up the Napoleonic timeline again.

Anyhow, I wouldn’t wish Bannon on any inhabited island.


I have some nice green wallpaper for him.


Be forewarned, fleeing to Canada to escape Nazi America is like fleeing to Austria to escape Nazi Germany.


How about an uninhabited island (about to go under due to rising ocean levels)?


I hear Stac an Armin is just lovely at this time of the year.

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