Nikki Haley explains how she will oust Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell from politics (video)

Maybe the all take each other out.


Bernie would like a word…

Desus And Mero Democrats GIF by Bernie Sanders


I don’t know that there’s any political benefit to being attacked by Trump - if you’re a Republican, that is. Every Republican with political aspirations that conflict with Trump’s are carefully tap dancing around that fact, trying not to piss him (or his followers) off even as they face him off in the primary…


I suppose theoretically Congress could set its own standards for expulsion of a sitting member since the body already has the Constitutional authority to determine its own rules of conduct, but you’d need to get two-thirds of the legislature to go along with it and that would be a nigh-impossible task even in the most congenial of times.

Definitely no way any POTUS could make something like that happen shy of a Constitutional Amendment. There’s a damn good reason why the three branches of government were designed to have very little power over each other.


I watched part of the speech — not intentionally mind you, it just happened to be on CNN when I was getting ready for work.

Anyway she went on with the usual bullshit about how America has been overrun by socialism (if only!) and then went on to recount a story about how she was surrounded by adoring Venezuelans when she was in Colombia who wanted nothing more than to escape socialism and come to America. But I thought she just insinuated that America had become some sort of socialist hellscape under democratic leadership?

Not like consistency ever meant anything to these people. It’s just repeat the same damn talking points over and over again.


Who knew? He does have a way with spin.

The greatest thing Nikki Haley did for our Country, and the Great State of South Carolina, was accepting the position of United Nations Ambassador so that the incredible then Lieutenant Governor, Henry McMaster, could be Governor of South Carolina, where he has done an absolutely fantastic job. That was a big reason why I appointed Nikki to the position—It was a favor to the people I love in South Carolina!

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It’s called voting, and it’s not accurate.

In her bid to become Trump’s vice president, I don’t think she should be saying things like this out loud.

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