No charges for Phoenix cops filmed kicking suspect to a pulp

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“What is depicted in the video is not how we train and is not aligned with the core values of the Phoenix Police Department,” Phoenix police Chief Michael Sullivan said in a statement.

Training requires officers to turn off all cameras, and core values are to maintain the thick blue line.


It’s a mystery how these few bad apples keep appearing on the police force.


The US is a bad apple factory, any good apples spoil the instant they don a uniform, given that the requirement for doing so is to aid and abet any bad apples.


my new theory is that if cops are the apples than we are the barrel. there’s not a city in america that doesn’t have cops like these, and we’re the ones rotting as we continue to allow it to happen


In almost every other job in the USA, folks support the shit-canning of those who don’t do the job correctly, regardless of whether they “get their man” or make the sale. :man_shrugging:


At this point, the desire to don a uniform or to continue to do so is all the indication anyone should need as the the state of the apple in question.


“… is not aligned with the core values of the Phoenix Police Department…”

Well, I mean - it is though, isn’t it? If it weren’t, you wouldn’t have to be saying that so often about your police officers, and it seems like the Phoenix police say that a lot. In the end, will they even be fired? It doesn’t sound like it…

It’s sort of like a company saying, “These products don’t represent our company…” when they have no robust recall procedure, no meaningful quality control, have in fact not only made no real efforts to produce anything else but actively resisted change in every way possible…


… sounds like Phoenix police Chief Michael Sullivan falsely believes that he decides what his department’s “core values” are :thinking:

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… usually it’s the other way around :confused:

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core values…


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