No evidence that Flynn complied with law, says House Oversight Chairman


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at this point everything about 45 and his entire staff and campaign team can be summed up in one word: hypocrisy.


The tRump Circus sees that as one big “so what”, and something that only chumps work to avoid.


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at this point everything about 45 and his entire staff and campaign team can be summed up in one word: hypocrisy
FTFY - removed the redundant phrase. The rest was true on day one (of his life, his campaign, his presidency, you choose) so the implication this is a new development rather distracts from what has been a baseline fact re 45 et al for some time.


You mean hypocrisy as in Trump speaking at the Holocaust Museum in DC today calling out Holocaust deniers. Wonder if Spicer was there?

Anybody know how the WH refusing to provide requested documents on Flynn is not considered obstruction?


So is anyone in this administration actually going to be arrested, or will it just be an endless string of “Yup, they broke the law, oh well”?


Well, we’ve got to look forward, not backward, after all.


Lemme see; goat identified. What’s the next step again?


Well, now that the Flynn matter is settled we can move on to ignoring more important ethics violations.


Scaping, I thnk.


No evidence that Flynn complied with the law = Flynn broke the law.

Way to torture the resulting answer into a vacuous mess, GOP lawmaker. Shoot for being clear and concise in the future.


No evidence of right-doing seems like the tagline of this whole admin.


That doesn’t look like an American word.
It’s an illegal word that came over the wall and it’s causing trouble.
Deport it!



I could go for some Season 3 right about now.


Meanwhile, we are jailing people for smoking pot.


Wait, I thought Chaffetz quit on Friday. Was that just a head-fake?


He just said he wasn’t going to run again, but left open the possibility of ducking out early.

My speculation is that he was asked to cover for the current administration but he has a delicate shred of moral fiber left and didn’t want to do that. Not enough of a moral fiber to actually fight back against them, of course, but enough to weasel out of being their henchperson.

< / wild-speculation on my part>


Flynn as predicted is a Putin toadie.


It involves some ribbon and a cliff, I believe


I have to wonder what it’s like for Trump to see Flynn be brought low by the truth about his wrongdoing. It’s a completely unfamiliar thing to Trump.