Pentagon found no documents approving Flynn's pay for Russia TV appearances


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The couple pictured in happier days.


I was listening to a Slate podcast from a couple days ago on Flynn earlier. Apparently he’s claimed the income came from his speakers’ bureau, and not from Russia. Yeah, technicality for sure.


Yeah, Flynn gets hit with Emoluments clause while Emperor Orange Dipshit gets his trademark approved in China, his kids take trips on Gov’t dime to push their hotels, or they sit in trade negotiations with foreign countries for…reasons…HFS, Chaffetz, you’re godamn useless.


“Don’t you hate it when other countries penalize you for invading other countries?
Hi, I’m General Flynn, and over the next half hour I’m going to show you about the benefits of Trump…” ~ TrumpCo infomercial


Moby needs to mobylize his friends … let’s get this all behind us.


Actually this could help that. The press reports it (everyone loves a scandal, and Flynn is an ex-er, person) - people get to hear that ‘taking benefits from foreign powers while in govt is a crime.’ ‘And punishable, too! - just look at what happened to Flynn’
‘heeeey, wait a minute…’


They found no documents because he didn’t report his income. I don’t know if that’s a serious crime… we’ll see.


Hey, he’s doing something - he’s now trying to bring charges against the guy who set up Hillary’s email server!
I wish I was kidding.


DEFINITELY where this all belongs.



So far as we know he’s not guilty of being a woman


He didn’t do 10% of what she did but 100 times the things she did.


The Bannon/Trump will just scream “FAKE NEWS!!1!11!!!” and their supporters will shout “Fuckin media scum!” and nothing will change.

Edit to add: And while this media circus continues, Congress will pass more bullshit laws stripping the environment and the average person of more protections, and THAT story will barely be covered, if at all, by any major mainstream news outlet.


The money isn’t dirty if you launder it properly, yes?


“Houston, we have a problem.”

“LEM, yer fucked, over.”


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