No-masker arrested for assaulting Uber driver with a caustic chemical

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Assault on any person is ugly, but this dips into uncharted territory. Disgusting and disturbing to watch the video.


Oh my god, this chick is totally clueless as to the amount of shit that is about to drop on her head.


my mother used to say " the world is a C average." i guess we can all decide for ourselves where in the curve this person falls.


Yeah, lady, it could have been avoided if you had just worn a mask. Then you would have gotten to wherever you were going and none of this would have happened.


No, no. It’s everyone else’s responsibility to keep her safe! And if they don’t, you should assault them like any reasonable person would.


What a wonderful piece of shit. I hope the crimes she is charged with carry some decent jail time.


Yes, no “affluenza” or similar wypipo defense for her here. Doing this in the middle of a pandemic means some time in the slammer.


Such a trash hag. I wonder if she’s going to talk like that in jail.


2 things…

This is not their first altercation. Someone posted video to Reddit recently that shows the trio berating a driver and hurling racial insults in an Uber in Hawaii in a similar manner. This is their modus operandi.

Also, Cynn Bannister the shareholder…perhaps if your company treated your drivers more like employees than independent contractors, you wouldn’t need to set up a GoFundMe for this guy because he’d have the company backing him up instead of bickering over cleaning costs.


“No-masker arrested for assaulting Uber driver with a caustic chemical”

“In video of the incident, Kimiai is seen hitting the driver and is also believed to have sprayed him with pepper spray after he ended the trip…”

Before reading the part about the pepper spray I was really hoping the police were going to set a legal precedent that coughing on someone during a pandemic qualified as “assault with a caustic chemical.” Sadly…no.


I get it, but cops don’t set precedent, the courts do.


True. Thanks for the correction.



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I get that this is reported like an unusual incident, but it’s not. It just happened on video.

The underlying problem is that this woman, and millions of other American, feel as if they are acting in the right, and will be vehemently supported by high ranking elected government officials and judges.

And she would not be wrong.

I mean - she’ll still pay the price, but only because the BIg Lie is really the Big Lie, and the loudmouths that tell Americans to fight things like mask restrictions, will not ACTUALLY support them in practice, only in theory.


Seriously. That she thinks she’s the one who has a right to be aggrieved… whooo boy. Leaving aside that I have no idea what she thinks she could sue Uber over, it’s going to be tricky to do so from jail. Also, doing a video where she suggests she would have shot the guy if she had possessed a gun at the time doesn’t seem like it’s going to help her case(s).

Well, coughing on someone is already being treated as assault anyways, at least in a number of cases.


Does she not fit the bill as a Karen?


No, because she’s not acting out of White privilege and the rightful assumption that the police will back up her behavior because of that privilege; she’s just an asshole and an idiot.


I should have guessed by the name and done more research and revisited my hometown.
I always took Karen behaviour as coming from an arrogant, obnoxious reactionary person and their abuse of power in a situation. In this case the modern day proletariat chariot rider abusing the chauffeur and the social dynamics.


I hope she’s tries that trash talk with the judge. The privilege with which she speaks is phenomenal. I hope she does and we get another clip of the judge handed her, her ass. Further to back it up with pure trash talk is mind blowing. My favorite part is when she says her “boy taught her not to take any shit”. She’s about to find out her boy is as wrong and dumb as she is.

How do people like this survive in the world when they don’t understand social norms or they feel like they have privilege beyond everyone else?

Trash, garbage, have a good time in jail, good riddance.