Uber cougher faces 20 years in prison

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Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.


It’s not entirely clear what the robbery charge applies to, but the district attorney’s office wouldn’t comment further.

It seems to be for taking the driver’s cellphone.

She’s posted a video defense of her actions, which I will not link to. I will quote the source that mentions that video:

After video of the Uber altercation went viral, Kimiai posted a bizarre topless video defending her actions.

“All I did take his mask off and cough a little bit but I don’t even have corona,” she said in the video.

“I ain’t gonna lie, that was disrespectful as fk. I was dead a wrong for that.”

“Fking stupid a Uber bruh, that’s why I take Lyft,” she said. However, Uber and Lyft both banned her from using their services after the video went viral.


I will be exceedingly shocked if she does any time for this at all. But here’s hoping, I guess.


I think I know who is going to primary Ted Cruz.


Some prison time, yes. 20 years? Hmmm, seems excessive. Also, she seems like a real swell person.


“Uber Cougher”

She’ll cash in on that street cred on the cell block… /s


I can’t help thinking that this story would simply be another “Karen” moment and they’d be facing less serious charges if they weren’t women of color. This has had an awful long news cycle duration for what has become a routine Covidiot moment.

To be clear, her behavior is unacceptable and should carry consequences, but still… people seem to be really relishing this one.


Probably true with regard to the charges. But posting a topless video of yourself saying what you did was no big deal doesn’t help remove it from the public eye.


Its because of the multiple charges, but that’s the max prison time. A judge could decide to give them no jail time or give them a reduced sentence if they’re feeling kind (unlike the lady in question). Personally i think community service and a fine will suffice but we’ll have to see how it goes down.


Before I argued that she met Karen qualifications… but now she’s birthed a whole new moniker… the Kimiai.


Yeah, exactly. I find this kind of reporting disingenuous and a touch click-baity, but it does help to highlight the utterly ridiculous fickleness of our sentencing laws in the US. If “we” had a reason, we could use this relatively minor incident to lock you up for 20 years. But likely you won’t face one day.
(And I’m more in favor of community service and restorative justice, to be clear. Just pointing out the insane degree to which it’s left up to local systems, who may have biases and other axes to grind with vcertain populations.)


This must be really throwing Faux News off. On the one hand, it’s women of color engaging in horrible behavior on camera. On the other, they’re refusing to wear masks. What to do!?!


I thought the usual Fox News tactic in these cases was to blame everyone to the left of their viewers for not controlling them, and use it as an example of left wing hypocrisy?


That and they get to post “topless” pix.

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I thought California Proposition 22 made Uber drivers “independent contractors” again.


Man, I’ve always hoped that young people would be better than the last generations, but apparently that’s not the case. Just sad to see, I hope she realizes why what she did was wrong and tries to become a better person. Of course, she’s deserving of whatever penalties the judge deems fit.

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She doesn’t seem like the real learning type to me. I’m sure she’ll say exactly what she thinks the judge wants to hear, but in her “rebuttal”, she doesn’t demonstrate that she clearly regrets anything. For her sake I hope she doesn’t have to learn what her attitude will cost her if she goes to prison. I don’t think privileged wannabe IG model is going to get her very far in there.

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Came here to say this. I’m sure that UberLyftDash will kick in a few million to ensure everyone is aware that the driver is not a “transit employee”.

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I believe the notorious nature of the events and their social consequences might be enough for her to be regretful. I would hope at least…