"No One Is Above the Law," says anti-Trump ad airing on Fox News

Originally published at: "No One Is Above the Law," says anti-Trump ad airing on Fox News | Boing Boing


It makes me happy to know that Faux News is getting angry phone calls and e-mails from its Know-Nothing audience over this ad.


Of course, that means that they’ll just pull it.


For Trump supporters, though, it really doesn’t matter. Trump could commit all manner of horrific abominations, and he will be forgiven, praised even, as long as he promotes the Christofascist agenda they strive for.

There was a story about some MAGAhat who stated he would still vote for P011-whatever-the-f**k even if the Mango Turd murdered someone.

The interviewer should have asked, “What if Trump pulled someone from the crowd at a rally and murdered him in front of all of you. Then Trump says, ‘I know you are all loyal to me, now I want to make sure you all FEAR me. Do EXACTLY what I say or you could be the next of my supporters to die.’ Would you then still support Trump?”


I’m not sure that this talk of “91 felonies” and “nobody is above the law” resonates with the target audience on Fox though. When you believe that the entire system is now a conspiracy of pedophiles from the UN secretly creating pandemics to control the world, it really doesn’t matter if Your Guy got arrested a bunch. None of it means anything to you because you think it’s all evil machinations.

I don’t know what the answer is here, but I’m not sure continuing to present facts is ever going to work.


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